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Image by Davide Pietralunga

Mobile Imaging

Simple Quick & Direct Way to Improve Your Photo and Video Using Your Phone.
YES! SKILLSFUTURE can be used!


Presented by Wilson Wong,
Supported by WINGS

Wilson Wong will be the instructor for the course. With more than a decade of experience behind the camera and experience in testing and writing reviews about cameras and smartphone, he has many things to share to make imaging simple and engaging

In Level 1 Class we will cover...

In Level 2 Class we will cover...

Mabel, Class No. 9

"I find the 5-day course, with 3 hr sessions each day,  comfortable  and manageable. The outdoor shooting  was great as we were guided to see and observe our surroundings from a different perspective. Unlike the usual habit of look but didn't  see. We were given useful tips on how to enhance our picture taking skills. This experience opens the mind to a whole lot of possibilities in mobile photography."

Noridah, Class No. 9

"Very good & interesting course. The outdoor lesson was great. The tips on the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Frame within Frame and how to edit photos using the phone app. My best shot is the Panorama (outside Raffles Place). It’s taken from down to up to down instead of left to right. Thank you for the tips & feedback."

Janie Class No. 4

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips for the course. It was very informative and helpful for me and I feel more confident taking and editing the photos and videos now.
I particularly enjoyed the QnA session when you explained how the shots in your IG were taken and I learnt a lot from it.
Highly recommended.

Participants' Shots

Here are some of the students' shots who has no prior experience but managed to get these fantastic photos on their own! You can too if you make the effort! 

Image by Eaters Collective

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