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Comedy Masala Featuring Kumar & The Sons of Singapore

For those who are into Singapore’s entertainment scene would have no problems with the name Kumar. Kumar, our best known drag queen of the local stand up comedy scene just recently graced the stage of Comedy Masala, a treat for me covering the event as the official photographer! The news of Kumar coming to CM was spread pretty wide and far and for the first time I actually see super long queue (it is already quite long during its normal nights) stretching towards the Elgin Bridge ( The same night also features the local start up comedians, the Sons of Singapore comprising of Jinx Yeo, Fakkah Fuzz and Rishi Budhrani and they will be doing their own shows in August too!

What can you really expect from Comedy Masala? Totally awesome night! I wouldn’t go as far as Umar has violently said that Kumar KILLED everyone in the club, and that would attract the unwanted gaze of the Internal Security Department but we did laugh till our arse fell off . Now I am super prep to cover Butch Bradley’s show next week and those who are really into comedy, should check it out!

Thanks for letting me get into the Comedy Underground.

Did the shot for the Sons of Singapore and it is used for their promotional poster. Am glad and happy that it is used well.  On top of Butch Bradley, do consider supporting them at Tab on the 25 August.

Check out the crowd!

Filled to the brim!

Eye Candies!!

What is fun with a groupie!?! 

Ciggy and the Gang. Right after studying film and hands on practical….LOL! Welcome back!

See who’s coming on stage…IN BOLD!

The Man MC’ing

Jinx Yeo

Wai Sing…shitting everywhere…LOL!

Sharul exhorting same sex/racial equality

Liam gives up!

Jo with a baby inside…congrats!

Matthew Giffen hamming it up!

Sweet Lizzie 

Rishi’s Trying to talk sense.

Fuzz making up a good funny fuss.

Neil Ang. Imagine Darth Vadar’s scene where he told Luke about his parentage…in HINDI and BOLLYWOOD style…hilarious…gets me everytime.

The Master started to preach…

…and the congregation listens intently.

Thanks for the laughter!

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