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Full day of Activity prior to the start of CausewayEXchange

Right now I am in Penang to take part in the CausewayExchange  (CEX) in conjunction with the George Town Festival (GTF) 2013.  This morning we have the press conference with Shawn Loudusamy Festival Director of CEX and Joe Sidek Festival Director of GTF.  We had a frank discussion about the festival and how it has gained recognition on the international arts scene and how the exchange and interaction of arts practitioners  between the two cities would bring about an improvement in the standards of the arts.

Press conference with Shawn Lourdusamy Festival Director of CausewayEXchange & Joe Sidek Festival Director of George Town Festival.

I also have the honour of sharing what The Photographers’ Guild’s mission when it comes  to exposing talented amateur photographers to the international audience and CEX and GTF gave the opportunity to do so.

After nearly after 3 months of planning and visits to locales within Singapore, Malacca and Penang, it now culminates in the exhibition called The Peranakans at Pinang Peranakan Mansion along with Peranakan Silence, an visual arts exhibition of paintings done by the deaf. Superb!

If you are interested to know what is going on in CausewayEXchange please go to

I will be covering events and stand up comedy performances from Kumar, Fakkah Fuzz, Sharul, Kavin Jay & Dr Leong; Opera Performances by my sookee clan; Best Of by The Neccessary Stage’s Siti Khalijah Zainal; Female DJanes from the FFF and many many more. It will be a hectic 4 days of coverage!

More information on The Photographers’ Guild’s The Peranakans Exhibition  over at the Pinang  Peranakan Mansion:

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