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Global Photowalks with 500px and Scott Kelby

I have been part of the Scott Kelby Global Photowalk for 3 years now and 500px on its 2nd so it was a good exposure for both those who participated and myself for the experience of leading a global scale walk such as these.

As of now, the 500px walk ( has gathered over 240 people and Scott Kelby’s has all 50 seats taken but you can still be in the waiting list (

As part of the events, I have organised a small photography talk with Mr Chia Aik Beng. You can learn more about the event here:

Do note on how to register for the event. There are only 50 seats allocated.

Step 1: Register your via this link:

Step 2: If there are less than 60 participants, all will be invited for the talk. However if there are more than 60, the seats will be up for ballot. Decision will be final

Step 3: All chosen participants will be notified by email. Please respond to the email to confirm by a certain date. If not, the seat will be given to another participant.

Step 4: Bring along your NRIC/Driver’s license on the day of the talk so that you can get security card to enter the building.

Step 5: Enjoy the session!

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