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Have a Nikon FM lying Around? Transform It Into Instant Camera with Instant Magny 35

Something comes into my email today, talking about re-using my old Nikon FM camera and transfor it into a instax camera using an attachment. That really got my attention because sometimes you don’t want to run a roll of 36 into the machine only to have to stave it and forget about developing the film. My last film I used took me 1.5 years to finish and develop it.

So yes I am helping this company NINM lab to talk about this camera attachment thingie and do an indirect advertisement. But I will still talk about it from a possible backer on Kickstarter. And no, I did not get paid for this.

Am not sure if I can still see the viewfinder comfortably. Image NINM Labs

The premise is simple. Take your old Nikon FM, Canon A1, Leica, Pentax or Olympus cameras and transform it into an Instax Camera. That’s it.

Here’s the full list of compatible cameras

  1. Nikon FM / FE / FM2 / FE2 / FA / FM3A

  2. Leica M3 / M2 / MD / MD-2/ M1 / M4 / M4-2/ M4-P / MA / *M6/ *M7 / *MP *Supports manual exposure only, does not support auto exposure or light metering mode

  3. Olympus OM-1/ OM-1n/ OM-2/ OM-2n/ OM-2sp/ OM-3 (Ti)/ OM-4 (Ti)

  4. Canon AE-1/ AE-1 Program/ AT-1/ AV-1/ A-1

  5. Pentax ME/ MX/ MV/ MV-1/ ME Super/ MG/ ME-F/ Super A/ Super Program/ Program Plus

Looked kind of clunky. Image: NINM Labs

I can straight away see a good reason for it. Making full use of a good 35mm “Full Frame” lens with all its good image quality and use it on a no so good quality Instax medium. From the look of things, it bends the light 90 degree downwards and project the image unto the Instax film housed in a box at the bottom.

Simple enough. Question remains if it is sharp enough using the mirror and then enlargement lenses using 5 elements in 2 groups? And judging by the size, is it too cumbersome to bring it around? You have to make that decision yourself though I have sample images below and click through to the album to get to the original sizes.

The Leica M and Nikon FM/FE/FA conversion kit will start at SGD133 or USD99 (USD80 cheaper than retail) at the Kickstarter page come June 12. The Olympus OM, Canon A and Pentax kit will be priced at SGD212 or USD159 (USD20 cheaper than retail). Those who have the old Nikon FM can have it cheaper perhaps they have the sample done up. If this is to make use of the old camera and repurpose it without spoiling the camera, why not? At least the image quality from the old lenses is better than the Instax camera themselves if you can go about shooting with a weird contraption.

DSC_0061 (Small)

About Wilson Wong Founder of the 10000+ members Singapore Photography Interest Network photography group, avid gadget lover and budget wanderluster. He also writes for a tech website for the non-techies. His wish is to help people get the right stuff and enjoy life without cutting off limbs to do so.

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