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Malaysia Cup 2013 – Singapore versus Kedah

Did some shots for Redsports today at Jalan Besar Stadium to cover the first Singapore match for the Malaysia Cup against Kedah team. It is a first time for me doing a Lions XII match and it is by the pitch side so the action is right in your face. Many thanks to Redsports for the opportunity to shoot.

Lions XII Captan Shahril Ishak scores the first goal of the evening from a cross supplied by No. 10 Fazrul Nawaz. Singapore has gone ahead twice but a injury time penalty awarded to Kedah resulted in a 2-2 draw.

Fazrul attempting another cross.

Singapore team on the defence

Kedah’s No. 18 Khyril Muhymeen push the ball forward in a last ditch effort to get an equalizer.

Kedah’s No. 9 Alen Guc provided the two goals and force a last minute equaliser with a penalty kick resulted from a highly contentious foul at the edge of the penalty box.

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