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Peranakan Exhibition Featured in Penang Monthly

The Peranakan Photography exhibition was done in June of this year with Causeway EXchange as part of George Town Festival 2013. The preparation and then the execution to shoot three places with Peranakan influences was daunting as it was the first time I do three locations in 2 months.

What comes out of it was accolades from people who visited the exhibition and some are from photographers who came for the Obscura Seminar. The same exhibition was then shown in Singapore’s The Arts House @ The Old Parliament House as part of the program to launch The Photographers’ Guild, a photography group that aims to look at other genre of photography and also to use photos to educate and inform. Supporting the local Arts scene is also one of the aims.

The article came a bit late, but it was timely to remind me what a journey I’ve had over the past few months and then facing the last 3 months of the year. Time flies so fast.

So thank you all who helped me in this endeavor to showcase photos of amateur photographers abroad to Penang and hopefully to more places in years to come!

To read the article (with my photos!):

More about The Photographers’Guild:

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