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Photobook On Prague and Bratislava was Presented to The Slovak Ambassador

Today was one of those days where you got an invite to watch a Slovak film and you would think nothing is amiss. Just a movie and I do enjoy foreign language films so long they have subtitles. After a mini reception (eating), there was a small speech by Mr Colin Goh (Chairman of The Old Parliament House) and Mr Stefan Rozkopál (Slovak Ambassador). Never would I have known the humble photo book designed by yours truly with excellent photos from Mike Lim, Shawn Lourdusamy and my humble photos was chosen to be the gift to the Ambassador. It was truly an honour and I felt really under dressed for such an occasion (I mean you go to watch a movie in suits? Opps!) not to mention my trusty X100 was not with me today (yes yes cardinal sin for photographers not to bring one camera).

Many thanks to the Staff of The Old Parliament House for such an honour.

Actually I can sense the Ambassador is also a keen Photographer himself and he kept saying maybe we should bring a group of Photographers to Slovakia. I have to agree. It is a beautiful country. We know of Prague but Bratislava is my favourite of the lot. 3 days in the city and there are tons of street photography subject and yet is devoid of people unless you went to their version of Orchard Road 🙂 I told the Ambassador I will look into this and he will also link me up with Slovak Tourism for a photography trip. To see what Slovakia has to offer, go to the bottom of this post.

The shots done here are from my Padfone 2.

Juat Muay urging Mike and me to write something after we signed the book. Seriously brain was not ready for this.

Some banter with the Ambassador as Mike presented him with the book.

I am seriously under-dressed. With the Ambassador, Mike and Colin

If you are curious what’s in the book, you can visit my Flickr set :

Slovakia Tourism Video:

If you are interested to be part of the photography group to Slovakia, please email me at The fastest we can plan for a trip would be in November, in time for Autumn.

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