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Portraiture Shoot for the Director of Causeway EXchange (CEX)

Got a call today from the Director of Causeway EXchange (CEX) and was asked to do a super quickie job of shooting him with a bridge behind. Yes sounds tacky but Shawn and Bridges has some history.

CEX was the brain child of Shawn’s with the vision of mating Singapore and Malaysia artistes together to create an art space for arts lovers on both sides of the causeway to enjoy. Hence CEX is a bridge to connect the peoples of both nations together. You can read more about CEX from here.

The first time I got involved with CEX was quite sometime ago. As part of the contingent of artistes representing Singapore to be part of the Georgetown Festival in Penang, I organised a group photography exhibition on the Peranakan culture, making trips to parts of Singapore, Malacca and Penang to capture the spirit of the Straits Chinese. The photos were exhibited at the Penang Peranakan Mansion. With the successful completion of the exhibition in Penang, we did another show in Singapore at The Arts House showcasing Sabah Culture.

I actually went back to Penang again with Shawn to cover Kumar’s sold-out show at the E&O hotel (Penang’s Raffles Hotel) too last year.

This year, the focus will be back on Malaysia with participation yet again in Penang’s Georgetown Festival 2015 and also in Johor too so Singaporeans can enjoy the performances too (including some nice day trip programmes for Johor too)!

Some highlights:

  1. Edwin Koo’s Photo Exhibition – Transit at the Singapore House

  2. Fabulous Folktales at China House Gallery

  3. Music of the South at Cheah Kongsi

  4. Tee Ko (also known as Voyeur, Hentai)

For more information do go down to CEX website for the programmes.

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