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Techgoondu Articles for the Past Months

After a hiatus no thanks to a hectic schedule going to Indonesia Pulau Flores to shoot Waerebo Village with the National Geographic Indonesia team and then almost immediately covering the ASEAN Paralympic Games 2015, really don’t have much time to highlight the review articles I have done for the past weeks with Techgoondu and past happenings. Well better late than never!!

Mount Bromo with the Sony RX100 Mark IV and Fujifilm X-T10

Since August things has turned hectic with my trip to Mount Bromo and on the trip was to test the RX100IV compact camera and the X-T10 from Fujifilm. Here’s the link to the album from the trip. Out of the trip I did the review with Techgoondu. I was impressed with both cameras and have fun using them. You can read the review of the RX100IV and X-T10 in

Here are the links to the gallery of the trip itself.

UNESCO: Waerebo Village with Sony RX-10 Mark 2

Then I went for another trip in Indonesia, this time to the UNESCO heritage site, Waerebo Village, with Sony’s bridge camera – the RX-10 Mark 2. This is certainly a very handy camera with a good zoom  range of 24-200mm. Normally I would recommend not to have a superzoom but RX10 Mark 2 is the only camera that I find has maintained the quality as high as possible but with such a long zoom. Here’s the report and the gallery!

Model Shoot at Tanjung Beach with Leica SL

The Leica SL is the surprise of this year from the Red Dot Company. If mirrorless camera’s sales pitch is that it is lighter than DSLR then SL is by the market definition is not a mirrorless. A lot of people have misgivings with mirrorless AF performance but Samsung NX1 and Leica SL are doing the impossible now – the AF is really good. Here’s the article in Techgoondu.

Gadgets – Pebble Time and Microsoft Surface Pro 4

On top of cameras, I also took a look at the Pebble Time and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Those who have the Pebble, the cosmetics changes are quite nice actually and a bit of tweaking to the information being shown on the watch. As for Microsoft Surface Pro 4, I feel it was a missed opportunity. After seeing iPad Pro’s performance with their stylus, the Surface Pro 4 is still weak in the stylus department. I would say the first company that can allows me to use a good stylus with full fledged Lightroom, Photoshop and other photo editing app will get my money. In the meantime, both have weaknesses. Read more about it here and here.

Christmas Gifts

The last article would be my list of desirable stuff for a photographer. You can read it here.

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