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Foldables with Better Cameras

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

For the last 5-6 years the brands have focused on the "foldability" of the smartphones and the camera performance has always felt like it is a second thought.

Yes you have a good phone but the image quality is good but definitely not at the level of the candy-bar smartphones. Even for Oppo, its Find X6 Pro gets top billing in DXOMark but you do not see much foldable smartphones in the list. For the Oppo Find N3, that might change. It is the first foldable smartphone that I feel I can work well with the content I am creating on a daily basis. I shoot food, landscape, portraits and interior in both stills and video. For that the Find N3 did very well. Skin tone is excellent too, I might repeat and add.

The one thing that Find N3 did well too is that I need not open and close the phone as much because the cover screen is basically the same size as most normal smartphone in the market. Only when I need extra screen space to do work - editing photos and videos on the go or read up articles - that I will open the Find N3 to use the main screen. The Find N3 Flip phone, a phone that can be folded to a smaller size to slip into bags and pockets, is also a phone with good camera but not as good as the bigger sibling. Its shorter zoom is the one that cause it some points. If you are not into Zoom the Find N3 Flip should be considered.

Again, Oppo has done well with Hasselblad to come out with foldable phones worthy to be called flagship phones. If you are in the market for a foldable phone that shoots great photos and videos, this is something to consider.

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