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Migrant Workers' Centre Shoot

Just the other day I have finished off a shoot for the Migrant Workers' Centre, a non-governmental group that takes care of the welfare of foreign workers in our midst.

The MWC is a fairly new organisation that aims to ensure there is fair employment practices and well-being amongst non-local workers in Singapore.

Using foreign workers is not new in Singapore. We started with Malaysians, followed by Vietnamese from the 80s-90s. With China construction companies into Singapore, bidding on construction projects here, we now see a lot of Chinese nationals too. We see more of Indian nationals and Myanmese amongst the construction workforce these days.

The shoot I have done with MWC is to market some services that help these group of people, from medical/dental care, mobile phone services, insurance, training, employment and even remittance.

The images from the shoot advocates for these services so that the foreign workers are well taken care of. It was a fun shoot with models from India and Myanmese and true to Bollywood fashion, most really know how to 'act'. Many thanks to MWC for the opportunity to shoot them.

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