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Southeast Asia Games – Me As A Photo Lead for Hockey

Finally done uploading the SEA Games pictures unto Flickr​ … 6 days of Hockey. Fast action and not helped by the weather. People get sick, got barbequed, got wet and then back to humid all in a day. Not easy more so when you are the photo lead in charge of photographers coming in and going some from the region and of course our local photographers.

Our base of operations: Sengkang Hockey Stadium

From Left to Right: William Chua, Majorie Yeo, Me Wong, Lisa Pape, Steven Wong, Suki Singh. Not in picture are Chee Keong, Daniel Chua, Huili.

Bantian faking it. But she is hard working with her digital content team.

Sengkang Volunteer Brigade

So kudos to those who still take photos despite that. In the end it is not about the money and the exposure (and if you have, then it is the topping on an otherwise delicious dessert). Some things cannot be measured by money and for the 200+ volunteer photographers, it is an experience even money cannot buy.

  Singapore can only celebrate 50 years old once, and the SEA games may or may not come back to Singapore at the centennial celebrations. Even if it is, I would be 91 (but still as strong as when I am 40…bible promises :D). Be wise to know that it may be penny wise but pound foolish if one determines to demand payment and miss a bigger opportunity. Then again, I just hope the powers that be understood that we do this for a very good reason and shouldn’t be the precedent to undermine the talent and time of photographers. And then there are the volunteers who are helping on the ground. I can only say, this bunch of people are super fun and nice to work with. Everyone do have their jobs to do but a bit of smile, a bit of encouragement, a bit of empathy and it all goes a long way to make volunteering all the more enjoyable. Here are some of my favourites when I can shoot after deployment of photographers and then help the Digital team with the photo content.

At the end of the whole thing, at least one of my photos was used by Singapore Olympic Committee and a lot of friends have their photos exposed to the world too.

The one that got unto the Instagram account of Singapore Olympic Committee.

Although the SEA Games has ended, there is still the para-games at the end of the year. Look forward to more shooting. Want to see more? Here’s the photo highlights gallery link to the action at Sengkang Stadium.

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